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Clean Spirit Yoga is open during the school year.  Classes 
resume September 8, 2015 to coordinate with the school year calendar. You can find us on Madeline Island in the summer!  Click on our online scheduling page for the most
current class schedule or email

Amy's classes are designed to adhere to the yoga principals that she has developed as a life long student of the practice herself. Her classes are Vinyasa flow but she will also challenge her students and continue to keep the practice fresh by offering classes inspired by Hatha, Yin,  and alignment based yoga teachers.  She asks that her students come to class without a preconceived notion of yoga and allow the journey to begin.

Amy's style is recognized for her attention to alignment and safety.  Her belief is that yoga is for everyone and many of her clients have experienced a sense of well being, renewed energy, and sense of strength (physical and mental) from a commitment to her teachings. She will challenge any preconceived notions of what yoga is "supposed to look like" and offer suggestions for all levels.

Weekly Group Schedule

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Vinyasa Flow
  Vinyasa Flow  Vinyasa Flow     
6:00 am


Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa Flow  Vinyasa Flow
!0:15 am






No class listed that fits your scheduling needs?  Wish their was another Yoga  class listed? I will customize an 8 week morning or evening class for you and your friends with a commitment of 5-8 people. Recruit your friends. Email for details.



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About Amy:

Amy was a yoga and Pilates teacher at the Eau Claire YMCA for over ten years.  In 2010 she battled breast cancer and developed an even better appreciation for the discipline of yoga as it became an integral part of her healing process.  As she became stronger she enrolled in the Yoga School of Minneapolis to complete her certification. She continues her training regularly as she consider herself a student for life but brings an expertise to her classes with years of teaching.  Recently she went back to her cardio and Pilates roots and completed Barre training in Minneapolis.  Her mission throughout the creation of her Clean Spirit Yoga studio is to create a supportive and non-competitive atmosphere in which yoga practitioners can develop their own mind and body connection and feel better in their bodies. Her classes are designed to be a physical practice accessible to everyone.

Read Amy’s blog on Athleta

 "Just a quick note to tell you what a difference your classes have made for me  When I first started seeing you last fall, I had chronic neck/upper back tightness/tension, a touchy right hip joint, & tennis elbow.  My neck issues have all but disappeared, (confirmed by my massage therapist!), and other than the limited range of motion, my hip hasn’t felt this great in years.  The tennis elbow is still an issue, but its on the mend...(hey 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!)
    You are a wonderful are inspiring and positive, and your sense of calm and patience is always so right for the class...keep up the great teaching!"
   -Ellen (Eau Claire)

"After my car accident, I didn't think I could live a normal life without severe back painYoga has given me a new life.  You are an incredible yoga teacher!" 
~Laurie (Eau Claire)

   Class Descriptions:

Vinyasa Flow:   The word Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement.”  Constantly flowing, we use our breath as a string to create series of yoga postures. This class is a challenge!  The student will build stamina, strength, flexibility and grace. Each class will conclude with a relaxing Savasana to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  This is a longer 75 minute class so there is adequate attention given to this practice of renewal at the end.

Yoga for Runners:  Although it is  my firm belief that ALL yoga is for runners this class is specifically designed to target the areas of imbalance created by the sport of running.  Backs, knees, hamstrings and feet will be targeted every class. Although yoga and running lie on opposite ends of the exercise spectrum, the two need not be mutually exclusive.  In fact, running and yoga make a good marriage of strength and flexibility.  This is a one hour class.

Barre:  This mixture of yoga, Pilates, ballet and cardio not only defies fitness boredom; it creates an experience of developing support muscles strength while creating the lean body structure of a ballerina.  This class revs up the metabolism and creates noticeable change in the body.  Barre is safe for all participants and very effective in measurable results.  There will be light weights and props used in this class.  Bring a yoga mat and bare feet.  And with all Clean Spirit Yoga classes, enjoy the bliss after challenging your body in completely different ways. 

Yoga for Core strength: This is a non-traditional yoga class that blends pilates and yoga in Amy’s signature teaching style.  The focus will be on having fun while getting a powerful core strengthening workout that will lend itself to a better yoga practice in all areas.  It is a faster moving class than traditional yoga classes and last for one hour.

Private Instruction: Regardless of level, age or stage of life, private or duet lessons provide the perfect setting to address your individual goals and needs.  Book online or email reserve your time. 

Jade yoga Mats are for sale in our studio.

Summer 2013 Yoga Adventure Retreat Dates Posted On Our Madeline Island Yoga Retreats Website!

Refresh your mind and body while engaging your adventuresome spirit on beautiful Madeline Island.  Our retreats are the first all-inclusive yoga woman's retreats in Wisconsin. You will enjoy fabulous cuisine, beautiful accommodations overlooking Lake Superior, and of course lots of fabulous yoga. Embark on a creative journey working with art guides for the Yoga and Art or If you are craving a bit more adventure enjoy world-class kayaking with seasoned kayak guides from Living Adventures while incorporating a daily yoga practice to balance and support the body, enhancing the ability to develop the technical skills of kayaking.

Our 2014 line-up and more information available at:

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